A&D Sessions - Brunch After Dark

Once again, Anchor & Den made sure that the residents of Cayman weren't left high and dry just because it's "low season".  Trying a completely new concept they launched A&D Sessions, an after-dark brunch event, this past June.  Instead of serving their classic breakfast items, they decided to showcase their versatility with some night time favourites.  Some of their best brunch stations obviously made the cut, including a selection of fresh seafood, charcuterie, crepes, carvery meats, salads and desserts.  I was particularly looking forward to trying out their new savory dishes, including the ramen station, where a flavourful pork broth was ladled over your choice of toppings, and the outdoor asado pit, where meats were grilled over an open flame to highlight this South American style of cooking.  On top of all of the food options, Anchor & Den ensured that you didn't get thirsty with range of satellite bars targeting every palate: gin & tonic, malbec, bubbles, their signature cocktails and even shareable cocktails for your group.  With no table reservations allowed, guests were able to roam around to try each station and sit wherever they pleased at any given time.  This is unique in itself for Cayman, but have no fear there was an abundance of seating available and the service remained at a high standard throughout the night.  This quarterly epicurean event is a great way to spend your Saturday night if you are looking for a boozy, food-filled evening with your crew.  A&D Sessions runs from 7-11 pm with the tickets being only CI$90, so make sure that you don't miss the next one and get your tickets in advance.  Also make sure that you have your cabbie on speed dial because this is one hell of a party!