About ME


Hi there!  I'm Chelsea and welcome to Island Epicurean!

I'm lucky to be from the culinary capital of the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands.  With a population of only 60,000, made up of locals and expatriates, the food is authentic, creative and of course delicious.  You can find incredible Caribbean food, but we also have great restaurants promoting the global culinary scene from countries like Australia, Italy, U.S.A, Philippines and beyond.  This site is a way for me to challenge myself by eating at all of Cayman's best restaurants in the name of food memories, but also as a guide of the must-eats (& drinks) to have at each restaurant.  The Cayman Islands Food Guide will continue to be developed over time with new restaurants regularly popping up in each district.

Since I regularly travel to the North American region I have been able to visit known epicurean destinations and experience some of the best food these cities have to offer.  Each year it is required that I visit one or two new destinations in order to keep life interesting and avoid 'island fever'.  These recommendations can be found in The Epicurean Life blog, which notes some of the things that you have to do, see and eat when attending a food city/festival/event, in Cayman or abroad.  If you are looking for something specific just use the search field on each page.

If you love food and travel as much as me, I can only hope that this blog inspires you to take an adventure to see, eat and drink somewhere new.  Leave a comment or send a message if you have any questions or recommendations for must-do epicurean destinations and restaurants. Enjoy!


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